We provide VAT registration in Spain and related services due to the expansion of online business. We handle the Value Added Tax (VAT) reporting and payment to the Spanish Tax Authorities for online traders and specially for Amazon sellers using FbA.


VAT registration

We do the registration by means of a Power of Attorney, which must be legalized and apostilled (the Hague Apostille). We provide the double language (English/Spanish) of the PoA which is written in two columns, so that no additional translations are required. In order to be registered, a proof of existence of the seller must also be provided from the country of origin of the business. Once we receive the original PoA and documents, the registration takes around 5 business days. We also apply for the VIES VAT number, so that the Spanish VAT number is registered for business and can be used for Amazon sellers to be included in the “Amazon Business” plan.

VAT reports

We prepare and submit the quarterly VAT returns and the annual summary.Our reporting is based in the Amazon VAT Transactions Report. To know more about this report please check our Amazon Sales Report Explanation.To know more about the dates and process of declaration, please refer to our post VAT compliance in Spain

 EU intrastat and 349 compulsory forms:

We also prepare and submit the monthly intrastat and the quarterly EU intracomunity transactions statement called form 349 for the Amazon sellers obliged to do so once they have exceeded the legal thresholds. The EU intracomunity statement is required for sellers involved in cross border selling who, in the Cross Border Fulfilment Settings of the Amazon FbA configuration page, have allowed their inventory to be stored in Spain.

Tax representation

All foreign business operation in Spain and Amazon sellers are obliged to appoint a fiscal representative who must be resident in Spain. Tax Authorities will get in touch with such person for any issue arising with the payment of their taxes or any other tax compliance issue. Although EU sellers are not obliged to appoint a fiscal representative, we request our clients to aboit any legal breach and future difficulties. Moreover, if the Amazon seller does not appoint a fiscal representative, they would be required to apply and install a digital certificate to deal with Tax Office and for all taxable issues.

EORI registration

EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration Identification. The EORI number is a tax ID focused on trading and customs. The EORI number is used to identify economic operators within the European Union and it is required in the following cases:

  • Economic operators who are resident in the EU must register for the EORI if their business activities and operations (including passive ones) fall under the provisions of customs legislation (e.g. importer, exporter, declarant, authorization holder for customs procedures, etc.)
  • Economic operators who are nonresident in the EU must register if they:
    – File a summary declaration or a customs declaration in the EU (except for oral declarations or customs declarations for temporary use).
    – File an exit or entry summary declaration.
    – Operate a temporary storage facility.
    – Apply for an authorization as consignor for the issuance of dispatching documents T2L or as consignor for a transit procedure.
    – Apply for a certificate as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).


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